Visits Remembered

Items from Red Bud Catholic Cemetery

Photo courtesy of Linda Ross

Linda Howard Ross gave this site a kind welcome, and has given me permission to post some of her photos and her reminiscences of visits to the cemetery:

Jan, as I told you my parents were from Mulvane and some of their relatives lived in Winfield and Udall. Daddy went to a one room school in Cowley County, Kansas. I am 70 years old and a retired school teacher. When I was young (before TV) we always went for Sunday drives with the grandparents (I was an only child) and one of the places we visited a lot was cemeteries. I knew the cemeteries so well I could give tours as knew where most of graves were and stories of the people buried there. This was way before perpetual care at cemeteries and folks had to come out and clean the graves, weed, plant flowers, etc. While Daddy and Grandpa did that my Mother and I would walk around searching for pieces of history. I made collections of it. We took a little pail and walked around until we discovered something we liked as a remembrance. I have kept all of these over 65 years.


Items collected by LInda Cross

Photo courtesy of Linda Ross


The wood is from a tree branch that fell to the ground at Redbud in the 1950’s. We took it home and Daddy cut a cross section, sanded it and on one side made decorative grooves around it.



The acorns are from the trees at Redbud that Mother and I collected off the ground. Around the foundation of where the church was…church was gone in the 1950’s as I don’t remember it Mother and I collected pieces of glass, some of it is colored glass maybe from stained glass window, pieces of pottery and nails that look handmade. 

Christian and Mary Beisswanger tombstone

Christian H. and Mary C. Beisswanger Tombstone Photo courtesy of Linda Ross

I have done genealogy for over 40 years especially my Great Grandparents…Christian and Mary Cecilia Harty Beiswanger are buried at Redbud Cemetery. It is spelled with two “S” on their tombstones (German spelling) but most of the family later used one “S” in Beiswanger. My Dad told me lots of stories about them as he spent a lot of time at their house when he was young. I am glad Redbud Cemetery is getting some thought. Let me know if you need anything…maybe other folks will share their Redbud photos on your website. I would love to see a photo of the church. One of my cousins said she thought it was moved to Winfield in the 1940’s.

Linda sent an update, with additional photos:

Another addition…I attached my Great-Uncle Lee’s tombstone in Redbud Cemetery.
Leo Beiswanger and Margaret E Preston Beiswanger.jpg

Photo courtesy Linda Howard Ross

My Great-Grandparents Christian and Mary Beisswanger had five children. One of the five children, my Great-Uncle, Leo James “Lee” Beiswanger and his wife, Margaret E. Preston Beiswanger are buried in Redbud Cemetery. When I was young we would go to the Beiswanger Reunions in Udall where I would see Great-Uncle Lee and his brothers/sister. 
Beiswanger Siblings, Grace with hat 2.jpg

Photo courtesy Linda Howard Ross

The [photo above] is all the Beiswanger siblings, Leo James “Lee”, Raymond Earl, Henry Christian Beiswanger, Mae Ethel Beiswanger Parkins and my Grandmother, Grace Violet Beiswanger Howard. Grace is wearing the hat. 
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