Rosey Walck

Rosey Walck

Rosey Walck

The oldest grave I know of in the cemetery is that of Rosey Walck, who died when she was fifteen months old.

She is buried near Andrew Jackson Walck and Melvina Rader Walck, whom I believe to be her parents. (She is listed in some Family Trees on as Rosey Gertrude Walck, and as their daughter.)

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3 Responses to Rosey Walck

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  2. Linda Ross says:

    This is great information. I have visited the cemetery with my parents/grandparents since the 1950’s and remember my Dad telling stories about the priest there. My Great-Grandparents are buried in Redbud Cemetery. I wish you had a way to post photos to your site.

  3. Jan Burke says:

    You can see Linda’s photos and other memories of Red Bud on this post: If you have photos or memories of your own, contact me at redbudcatholiccemetery @ — eliminate the spaces in that address.

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